Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY "Comfort" Tea

I promise you guys that this recipe will not disappoint. If you've ever had Aveda Comfort Tea, you will find this a familiar replica. If not, I can describe it to you as a naturally sweet, calming and unique blend, and you've probably never tasted something quite like it. Blending your own Aveda-like comfort tea will save you big bucks, too, because that stuff is dang expensive at $45/jar—not joking, check Amazon.

This shouldn't take you more than a few minutes, other than a trip to your favorite natural food store's bulk section (I love PCC, if you're local to Seattle). It's also a great activity to do with littles. My sweet girl is 18 months and loved pouring and mixing. Sure it's messy, but she loved it, and it was simple enough to sweep the tea mess right back into the bowl.

You can purchase the fennel and basil from the spice aisle of your regular grocery store, but I prefer to get them from the bulk section. Not only is it better pricing than jars, but I can get the exact amount I need.

The peppermint and licorice root might be a little more difficult to find if you live in a remote area. I'm sure there are some great spice dealers online that would likely sell these two ingredients.

I store my blends in amber glass jars to preserve their freshness. Mine are repurposed from housing my prenatal vitamins. Once the vitamin jar is empty, I just peel the label off under hot water and pop the chunky white plastic safety cap off, which reveals a simple clear frosted screw cap underneath. You can also purchase amber glass jars, or simply store your blend in a plastic bag or tupperware. I used a piece of parchment rolled up to funnel my Comfort blend into the jar.

DIY Aveda Comfort Tea 
Yields just under 3 cups, enough for about 30 servings of tea

1-1/4 Cup Licorice Root
1 Cup Peppermint Leaves, dried and crushed
1/8 Cup Fennel Seed
1/8 C Basil Leaves, dried and crushed

1. Measure and mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. You may half the recipe to make a smaller batch.
2. Funnel your blend into a jar or bag for storage.
3. To make a cup of tea, fill your favorite tea steeper or disposable sachet with 1.5–2 tablespoons of Comfort tea to place in your prettiest mug, pour hot water over the steeper and let sit for 3–4 minutes. Remove the steeper, sip and relax.

This is a lovely and inexpensive hostess gift when packaged in a jar or cello bag with a ribbon, or to bring to a new mom with a fresh batch of lactation cookies (and maybe a cute new mug!).

Wishing you sweet dreams and a few extra moments of relaxation. xo

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