Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our First Prenatal Checkup

One baby. One heartbeat. Two happy parents!

I was so nervous going to this appointment. The whole day was a dance between sheer panic and invigorating excitement. Anything was fair game at this point.

The drive to our appointment was peaceful and sunny, even with weaving through downtown rush hour traffic and a noticeably queasy stomach. I knew we would have answers soon and that was what I wanted, good or bad. I generally don't enjoy hospitals in the slightest, but I always eagerly await these special appointments. The midwifery is bright and clean with modern curves to the walls and big airy windows. I can't get enough.

We checked in after taking a few photos out front and were quickly swept into one of the back rooms. It was small with a table full of brochures and a few comfortable chairs. We met with the nurse for the midwifes first and then our midwife for this appointment, Audrey. I had watched each midwife bio on their website long ago and she was the one that stood out to me, so I was excited to finally meet her. She was thin, had a funky style, and was very personable. We will eventually meet all five of the midwives.

After discussing my medical history in full and briefing her on how I had been feeling, we finally were prompted to move to the next room over for the ultrasound. She could tell we were more than eager for this part, and even joked that this was the only reason we were there. We tried an abdominal ultrasound first—goop and all—and got a fairly good glimpse of our little bean. The machine they have is small and low tech, so LB was tiny! She could make sense of the fuzz, and I think even announced a heartbeat at this point, but still wanted to get a better look. She suggested we try a transvaginal ultrasound. So I changed into a gown and we proceeded. We were able to get a much clearer view of our tiny little baby and see the flickering heartbeat. Arthur and I both breathed a sigh of relief and were grinning ear to ear.

It was then that I began to realize that we would most likely be having this baby. LB was moving around and active. What a strange sense knowing that something is wiggling so much inside me and I can't feel a thing. She measured, prodded, and even printed a few pictures for us to take. It was mesmerizing and surreal. We couldn't wait to reveal the big news to our families.

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