Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 11

We forgot to do a belly shot this week since I still wasn't really showing. Belly shots (for real) from here on out :)

It's starting to feel strange knowing that I'm getting more pregnant with each day, but I've not got much to show for it. I think I had some unspoken misconception before pregnancy that I would look 30 weeks pregnant instantly—so not true. In fact, I'm realizing that many women spend half their (first) pregnancy not even looking pregnant. For now I'm trying to revel in shaving my legs, tying my shoes and snuggling Mia on my belly. I know these will be distant memories before too long.

Proud mama moment: Can you believe LB is the size of a fig or small lime (1.5 inches) and almost fully formed?! I can't! Apparently there's a lot of stretching, kicking, and even hiccupping happening, but I don't think I will be able to feel this for a few more weeks at least. I also can't believe it's almost time to announce to the rest of the world, including work. Although most of our family and close friends already know, it will be so awesome to not have to keep any bit of this in any longer. I'm ready to spill the beans. There is debate over whether the 2nd tri starts at 12 or 14 weeks, so I’m going with the safer bet and saving my excitement for week 14, even though we will announce at 12. I guess it’s because you aren’t technically pregnant for the first two weeks?

Despite not looking very round, I am definitely feeling plump. In fact, I just feel “fat” (relative to my pre-pregnant self). My pants are getting tighter by the second and I almost always have a gut hanging out—not very cute. I can for sure feel the top of my uterus now when I inspect my belly. I’m really looking forward to the firmer round bump. It is such a phenomenon to me how some women grow really fast and have a full bump by 20 weeks, while some hardly even look pregnant at 20 weeks.

Accordingly, I am on the lookout for maternity pants and plan to get some soon. I have heard most women recommend the full panel or the under the belly styles, but definitely not the demi-panel (not flattering). My sister-in-law, who is about 8 weeks ahead of me, said the under the belly types can get a bit uncomfortable. I have also heard it recommended to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans instead of a bunch of crappy pairs. My biggest concern is finding maternity pants that come in “longs”. My favorite brand, Boden, doesn't carry their maternity jeans in longs and neither do many other brands. Any advice from my long legged friends?

We bought a Baby Ergo Carrier this week! Arthur and I both fell in love with the Ergo after using it with our friends little guy a few months back. It’s a bit bulky—moreso than the Moby or K’tan—but great for when baby gets bigger. We found a great deal on Craigslist for a Petunia Pickle Bottom print Ergo from a couple who used it less than a handful of times on a trip to Spain. I triple made sure Arthur was okay with the print, and he assures me he has no qualms. I love it way more than the traditional drab color schemes of the regular Ergos. My mom is urging us to stop buying baby items “so people will have stuff to give us”, but I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of baby things we will need. I don’t foresee us getting too much more until after the baby showers.

Overall I’ve been up and down all week, but mostly down. Some days I really don’t feel well, am tired, and/or just feel helpless, while some days I have a reasonable appetite and enough energy to get something accomplished. Doing much of anything is intimidating to my tired body right now. My palate has also been much more limited than last week. Some current turnoffs: bread, veggie burgers, many cheeses, strawberries! could this happen?!...hummus, avocados, and of course pizza and string cheese. I’ve instead been munching on: Fruit, Annie's cheddar bunnies, pasteurized brie, buttered toast when I really don’t feel well, Trader Joes mandarin orange chickenless chicken (once when I felt good), homemade pear scones, and even Spuds fish and chips one night. I haven’t eaten fish in months, but it sounded so good one day. It went over pretty well, and I have definitely been noticing cravings toward recipes with seafood in them. I am thinking of incorporating more into my pregnancy diet...rumor has it that salmon is on the menu for Easter dinner.

We were so excited to tell Arthur's sister and our brother-in-law over the weekend since they are expecting their first baby just ahead of us. They were really happy with the news, and we're all looking forward to having cousins just weeks apart. In just this week alone she has been so helpful with tips and product reviews from things she's already tried. She even waddled over to our house the other night with a huge box labeled "Survival Kit".

I was blown away at how thoughtful and cute it was! In the box she included: A body pillow (one of her highest recommendations), a cover for it, almonds, herbal tea, a button extender for my pants that doesn't work for her anymore, string cheese (I'm planning to give it another shot!), and a note with lots of great advice. She planned to include her favorite nausea trick, Preggie Pops, but forgot, so we walked over to her house after dinner and picked those up along with a Fit Pregnancy magazine and a book of 100,001 baby names. So far I'm loving the Preggie Pops. They come in really delicious flavors like sour raspberry and lavender. It looks like Walmart is the cheapest option for buying more—they are almost $7/box on Amazon, which is about $1/pop, ouch!

Can't wait for next week (we're announcing AND 12 weeks on my birthday)! Phew, long post!

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