Monday, April 30, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 12

Phew! The secret is out! I can't begin to explain how relieving it is to be able to talk openly about our pregnancy. And how exciting it is to finally start posting to the blog! What a joy it was to read all our friends and family's well wishes on our announcement post. I am so glad we announced on my birthday, it definitely made for the most exciting one I think I've ever had (sorry, Mom, my birthday parties were awesome too!). And to top it off the weather was amazing!

Even more, LB is getting big and strong—just over 2" and about the size of a lime. We have reached the exciting 12-week milestone where much of the baby's development is in place and now he/she just needs to grow, grow, grow! Allegedly the risk of miscarriage drops even further—down to maybe 1%—at this point. Still, this baby belongs to God and I need to continually remind myself of that. Baby Center tells me that if I prod my abdomen, the baby will squirm in response. You better bet there's a lot of prodding happening! Did you know that baby's pee inside of you?! So weird!

Most of the week was spent feeling awful. I'm talking the kind of awful where nothing in the entire universe sounds appetizing and all you can think of doing is laying on the couch depressed because you have no energy. Totally sad. However, the end of this week marked a major development in my nausea! Right around 12 weeks I started to feel more interested in food and gain a tiny bit more energy. We celebrated my birthday by going out to dinner with my parents at one of our favorite local vegetarian spots, Cafe Flora. I ordered the French Dip with Yam Fries and Spicy Aioli on the side. This french dip came with sauteed mushrooms and onions instead of the traditional roast beef. It sounded good when we were ordering, but once it arrived I lost my appetite and only ended up taking a couple small bites. Even so, the fact that I could sit with the food throughout dinner without gagging was a huge accomplishment! I definitely enjoyed the leftovers the next day for lunch though.

My belly has for sure started to change this week. No bump yet, but at the end of the week I am sporting a nicely plump gut. I decided to embrace it and even wore a tight fitting knit dress (i.e. stretchy) on my birthday. I don't think I have gained any weight yet though. Maybe .5–1lb, but no more than that. I know it's okay to only take on an extra pound or two in the first tri, so I'm not too worried, and I still have a couple weeks to go. Overall, my belly just generally feels stuck out. I guess it's just water bloat because I can still suck it in pretty far. I have heard that true pregnant belly cannot be sucked in.

Easter up in Bellingham

Speaking of, I bought two pair of maternity jeans early this week (one pair seen above). I mentioned earlier that I had started looking, but found it challenging to track down affordable maternity jeans that come in long lengths. I almost got a pair from Motherhood Maternity, but decided they didn't look very flattering and assumed they would be cheap feeling. So I kept looking and ended up at the Gap. I've been browsing their site for awhile, but mostly just the sale section. I bought a pair there (with an extra 15% off just for signing up for their emails!) and also another pair at Old Navy. I don't think I should need more than two pair since most of my pregnancy will be during summer. I promise to post a review of both jeans once I give them a fair try!

Lastly, I issue a formal apology to those of you who follow my Pinterest boards. I completely realize I blew up your feeds with baby-overload for a couple days—oopsie! I had all those pins "liked" for months and was dying to get them organized! I'm sure round two will ensue once we find out the gender. Watch out ;)

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  1. Kelsey, I am 11 weeks along right now! Can you tell me how you made that "banner" with the "12 weeks" on your photo at the top? That is TOO cute. Hope it's no too hard that only graphic designers can do it. ;)

    1. Congrats! I made/designed the "12 week banner" in Adobe Illustrator and applied it to my photo in Adobe Photoshop.

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