Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 9

I have decided to write this post before we go to our first prenatal appointment this week. Nine week check-up update coming next! I can hardly wait!!

This week has been pretty aligned with the past couple. I generally feel most nauseous in the early mornings and tend to feel less sick as the day wears on. By evening I start to get tired and less than patient (grumpy). I've been mostly grazing on food all day and not really eating meals. Smoothies have been my dinner most nights this week. Although, I'm starting to think about a raw foods kick. I'm thinking blended soups in the Vitamix. Hopefully this will get more veggies into me.

If I don't eat late enough, I will wake up on the verge of getting sick. So I've started to eat a greek yogurt before bed or keep pita chips and water on my nightstand. The weird thing is that my digestion is reallllly slow to start with and it's hard to differentiate between being full and hungry since both make me feel sick. So frustrating! 

Exciting things coming up:

First prenatal appointment - We will get a low-tech ultrasound and hopefully hear Little Bean's swooshing hearbeat! We have been warned by a few people that we shouldn't be too upset if we can't hear the heartbeat, but it's hard to say that we won't be disappointed. Arthur keeps talking about the heartbeat, so I think this is what will make the whole thing "real" to him. I'm more looking forward to seeing Baby on the ultrasound. It's so hard to believe there's a little grape-sized baby inside of me! 

Telling our parents - I have already sneakily scheduled each set of parents (except for Arthur's dad who doesn't live local) to come over for dinner "to see our new place" this weekend. We are having them all over separately, so we can have enough one-on-one time with everyone. Unfortunately, my mom had to go out of town for a family emergency, and I'm not sure if she's going to be back in time. We will have to postpone with them, if so. We wanted to wait until after the ultrasound so we could give that to them as the surprise and also have confirmation that everything is looking normal. I won't lie, I am terrified that there could be something wrong, but I'm trying to focus on being excited...

Other interesting notables from this week: 

Protein: Don't skip it in the morning unless you want your stomach to have a serious panic attack by noon. Lesson learned. Won't ever make this mistake again.

Peeing: Still once a night. Increasing in frequency during waking hours.

Sleep: I tend to feel nauseous throughout the night, especially when I lay on either side. Needless to say, I wake up about 1 million times every night to turn on my back. I've been getting up around 4:30–5am (when I have to pee) most days this week and can't go back to sleep. Except for last night when I slept 10 hours...maybe a growth spurt? I still feel fatigued during most daytime hours.

Pregnancy brain: It's real and it's fierce! What's my name again?

Nausea: Triggers include, but are not limited to: Costco, looking at my Pinterest "Food" board, morning time, food smells, being hungry.

Emotions: I sometimes feel like I'm about to cry for no reason. I can usually hold back the tears though.

Hair: Grows fast and thicker (all over my body). I have lots of little baby hairs on my head. Not looking forward to the aftermath of these falling out postpartum...

Favorite (tolerable) eats:

• FRUIT! I can't get enough of it!
• Smoothies
• Veggie burgers with melted string cheese and ketchup
• Cottage Cheese
• Peppermint tea
• Pickles
• Pita chips
• Hummus
• Nut butters
• Strawberry/goji or Cherry/pomegranate Greek yogurt (tolerating it)

Bump Watch:

I can feel my uterus starting to move up! It's just feels like the top of a firm ball right above my pelvic bone. I still feel a moderate amount of pressure from my uterus pushing its way up and out throughout the day. My stomach area is definitely getting thicker/flabbier. I can button my pants, but the muffin top isn't worth it. I noticed this week that when I let my stomach out, it sticks out really far and I look about 20 weeks. My muscles are beginning to loosen!

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