Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 10

What a week! This really has been a special one. We announced to our families and community group, oogled the ultrasound pictures about 1,000,000 times, and LB graduated from embryo to fetus. Not to mention my uterus is the size of a grapefruit. Giant compared to the small pear it once was! I can certainly feel it, from the pressure and mild cramping, to the constant peeing.

I was also told by two separate people that I was "showing" on one particular day this week. No one has brought it up since, so I'm pretty sure it was just an unflattering dress I had on. It also makes me a bit weird having people analyzing my stomach all the time—something to get used to for sure. I don't think I look any different, maybe just a little bloated in my belly.

I've been getting up between 1–3 times at night and countless times during the day and evening. I also learned at our checkup that my uterus is tipped. Funny enough, I got an email a couple days later on that topic. One in five women have a tipped uterus and more often than not it corrects itself on its own. The symptom of a tilted uterus is feeling pressure, just as I've been explaining! I'm glad to have this insight and am resisting the urge, for now, to research any further. Online pregnancy research never ends well.

Our families are all over-the-moon excited about our big news. We haven't yet told Arthur's dad, but will at Easter. We surprised them all by giving them an envelope with the ultrasound picture inside. I wrote "Suprise! Baby King coming October 25, 2012" on each one, but realized later that I spelled surprise wrong each time. I chalk it up to pregnancy brain... Anyways, it's such a relief to let the secret out and be able to talk freely about it all. I can't wait until it's all the way out and I can finally start pinning all of those baby inspirations I have just "liked" on Pinterest for now. My secret is revealed! ;)

We also announced to our community group (bible study) this week. Apparently most of them had guessed and were just waiting for us to announce! I mentioned in week six's post that we went away for the weekend with these friends, and apparently me not drinking was the giveaway. I thought the constant intake of string cheese (ew!) and strawberry juice, not sledding, and going to bed at 9pm would have been a bigger red flag, but maybe they noticed that too. I also have missed two or three community group nights in the past six weeks from being too sick/tired. They were all incredibly supportive and excited for the new season we are heading into.

I HAD overall been feeling fantastic this week, with almost normal eating habits. I cooked more earlier this week than I have through the entire pregnancy so far. I even ate it—tabouleh, matzo ball soup, french toast and eggs, loaded baked potatoes, and even Vitamix soup (raw veggies blended in the Vitamix with broth until steamy hot...yummm).

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But right at 10 weeks it all took a 180. I started to lose my appetite throughout the day at work and by night I couldn't eat anything and was feeling uncomfortably close to tossing my cookies. I got some buttered toast down before bed, but had to get up in the middle of the night and make another piece since my stomach started turning from being "hungry". I left work early the next day since I was still feeling really nauseous. It's crazy how things can change so drastically overnight, and it really is like an "on" and "off" switch.

I've been sleeping great—usually about 9 hours each night—and able to make it through most of my days without wanting to fall asleep with my forehead on my keyboard. My sleep was best when my appetite was normal. I'm always very thirsty in the mornings though.

Also, we might have bought a black BOB Revolution CE at REI with our annual 20% off coupon...more info to come! ;)

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