Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 13

We're in our last week of the first trimester and I couldn't be more thrilled. Onto bigger and better! That is, a bigger baby and feeling better! I am definitely feeling much more energetic this week, the difference is incredible. I find myself coming home and picking up dishes or getting a load of laundry going instead of crashing on the couch. It really seemed like this day would never come. That's not to say that I'm not tired anymore, because I definitely am, I just seem to be able to push through it much easier. On the flip side, I'm definitely noticing my hormones are in a constant flux. I am a big grouch one second and calm the next—usually just to one lucky guy. Poor guy.

The lack of sleep I'm getting probably isn't helping my mood much either. I'm pretty used to the bathroom trips throughout the night now, but it's getting hard to fall back asleep after my 2–4am nature call. We unfortunately have a very, very loud neighbor below us who snores like whoa. So we bought a sleep machine to try to compensate, but I can still hear him through it if he's really going at it. Some nights I just lay awake listening to him snore for hours until I can drift off for a little bit longer. It's pretty awful, but I'm trying to just let it go and deal.

It's also just generally not comfortable to sleep right now. My back aches and it takes extra effort to turn over (I know this is going to get much worse). It's helped a bit to sleep with a pillow on the side I like to lay on to prop my leg up and even out my hips. I've found the full body pillow to be a bit too cumbersome at this point with all the winter blankets on our bed, but I think it will come in more useful during the summer months when I'm much bigger and there's only a sheet to deal with.

My belly is growin'! And it seems like it "popped" in just a matter of a couple days. It's still feeling pretty mushy though. There's no doubt this week that LB (the size of a peach!) is sitting right under my belly button, or at least the top of my uterus is. The cramping has almost gone away and turned into more of a pinching/stretching feeling. I guess this is considered round ligament pain. But I read in one of my email updates that this is very common and should be less painful once everything gets sufficiently stretched out (does that ever really end until the baby is out?). My belly is definitely poking out and from my top-view I look very pregnant, but when I look in the mirror I can see how it's still pretty ambiguous.

I'm enjoying my two pair of maternity jeans. They are definitely my favorite pants right now! I'm starting to not love wearing the belly band since the button and zipper area of my regular jeans is all lumpy and pokey and my shirts don't lay smoothly over it. I also am constantly adjusting it to make sure my undies aren't showing through the bottom. Not fun and totally embarrassing when it does happen! I also find that right now I much prefer to wear tighter fitting shirts than my usual blousey styles. The flowy tops just make me look bloated. I'm sure I will enjoy these again later on.

My appetite is also on the up and up! Some days I'm so ravenous I can't keep enough food in me. Like yesterday night when I had to get up TWICE during the night to eat a small meal. Trust me, it's not as fun as it seems. I would much rather be sleeping than foraging in front of the freezing cold refrigerator, and it's definitely not the kind of hunger you can push to the side, I have to eat right then. I put out an SOS on Facebook and got lots of great suggestions of foods to try. I will post them soon.

I'm also opening up to more flavors and textures. I still have quite a few food aversions, but things like fresh salsa, bean dip and string cheese (what?!?!) are sitting okay these days. I do have one shameful confession to make though: I am obsessed with salt and vinegar chips, obsessed. I seriously cannot get enough of the unhealthy little rascals, but am doing my best to know my limits. I don't think we've even had a bag of potato chips ever in our house until now...a slippery slope indeed.

I've been getting in a few walks over the week. Now that the weather is turning, I'm loving going outside and walking around our area of West Seattle. We even got a Trader Joe's in last Friday just a few blocks from our house! This has been great motivation to walk to get groceries a couple times. I was given a Patagonia jacket for my birthday, which has been perfect for these springy walks. I'm starting to think I might be taking it a bit too easy and am hoping to pick up my pace a little. I am also planning to start prenatal yoga classes with my sister-in-law once I get a free Sunday! I have never been much of a yogi(?) and am a bit nervous, but she assures me they are really low-key.

Trees are starting to bud!

If you've been pregnant, when did people start touching your belly? I don't think I hate it, but it's kind of weird. I've heard later on in pregnancy that strangers will start to get pretty grabby!

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