Friday, June 8, 2012

Goals Before Baby

I have a long Google doc filled with all my random lists of things we need to get/acquire and things to research before Baby arrives late this October. So I figured I would keep a copy of that running list here for you to follow along with. Many of the things are practical, such as getting baby washcloths, but also various topics I need or want to research, such as: are regular 100% cotton washcloths the best cloth wipes? There are also more exciting goals like potentially planning a babymoon! I have so many thoughts rattling around in my poor already pregnancy-stricken brain.

I will check in with updates to the list and to cross things off (the best part of a list!) over the next few months. It will also probably serve as a topic jar for new posts as I figure things out. Here is where we currently stand:

- Research how to and write a birth plan
- Make a labor plan—Who to call, where to go and when
- Research what to expect and prepare for right before, during, and after labor (the weird/gross stuff)
- Find a kick-butt doula
- Meet with our financial advisor to come up with a new budget (we won't do this until we have more clarity on what our income will look like this fall)
- Choose a cord clamping method
- Cloth wipes. Make them? Buy them?
- Figure out what to use for wipes before we start cloth diapering
- Become a master of cloth diapers
- Prep cloth diapers
- Learn how to clean the cloth diapers
- Find best cloth diaper safe diaper cream
- Elimination Communication!
- Choose which baby body products we will use
- Placenta delivery options
- Post birth: skin-to-skin contact—how long? eye ointment? vitamin k shot?
- Questions to ask a midwife: Will baby stay in the room with me at all times? Can cleaning/APGAR happen during skin contact time? How/when will we go over my birth plan?
- Research methods for not tearing. Assuming we will go over this in birth class.
- Find a pediatrician
- Line up postpartum help (meals, cleaning)
- Prepare a freezer full of healthy "body healing" meals
- Make a hospital bag packing list—should include snacks for postpartum
- Crib bumpers. Probably not, but do I need breathable ones?
- Familiarize myself with what will happen if I need an emergency c-section
- Learn more about episiotomies
- Read Hypnobirthing
- Read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth
- Finish baby registry
- Paint nursery
- Finish nursery
- Plan a "Babymoon"
- Have a postpartum exercise plan and potentially sign up at a gym this fall
Choose a rocker
Find a nursery dresser
Start baby registry
Sign up for birth classes
Find 100% cotton cloth washcloths
Circumcision or not (if LB is a boy)?

Clearly the list of a first-timer. Chime in if you have some sense about any of these topics. Good luck to us!

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  1. has a good cloth diaper cream and detergent.

    1. Great—thanks for the recommendation!

  2. i realize that i'm not sure if we've ever met in person, but this was totally like my pre-baby list! i have so many recommendations that i'd be happy to give, but won't bombard your comment section. I do have a birth plan, so let me know if you'd want me to e-mail it to you so you can take a peek! my e-mail is

    1. I would love that! I'll email you now...


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