Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 19

The nursery is in full swing around here, thanks to our back-to-back trips to IKEA this past weekend. It seems like we weren't the only ones in the nesting mood because the place was packed with pregnant ladies. I thought it might be me just noticing my like-kind—like when you get a new car, you see it everywhere—but Arthur agreed that there were a surplus of bumps waddling around. Is it just me and the season I'm in, or does it seem like everyone and their mother is expecting? Aside from other bloggers, I hadn't known of a single pregnant person in my network, but the second we started trying they began popping up left and right. Makes sense with us being in our 20's and 30's, I guess.

Anyways, the nursery is looking great and slowly getting organized. I was Pinteresting early last Sunday and saw a cute sideboard pinned from IKEA. It got my wheels spinning, and by the time Arthur rolled out of bed I was sold on spending our post-church afternoon wandering that ever familiar maze. Luckily, he was up for it, excited even. Although completely overwhelming at first, we got into the groove and started making some decisions. The original sideboard I saw on Pinterest wasn't going to work, but we did find a fantastic dresser that I think looks like something more from Dwell Studio than IKEA. We also left with a children's book about vegetables, some 100% cotton washcloths (I've been searching for these high and low), and a few other knick knacks.

It took Arthur about three hours to get the dresser put together, so I wrote...

And tried to figure out how the heck these cloth diapers work...

And cheered him on...

Until his victorious midnight finish! (Definitely the latest I've stayed up in four months)

Better photos coming eventually

Most importantly though, we bought a rocker! I have been turning whether to get a rocker or glider over and over in my head for weeks, and had been so deflated because of how "not our style" everything out there is except for the $1000 beauties from stores like Land of Nod. We were even considering splurging on one for about a week, out of pure desperation for a stylish chair. We even went to Land of Nod and sat in them. While an fancy glider seemed exciting, both of us knew it wouldn't be the wisest budgeting decision.

So imagine our excitement when we stumbled upon IKEA's new Poang Rocker. I've never been much of a fan of the traditional Poang chair, but the rocker has a certain cuteness about it that was just charming enough to take my mind off the more expensive options. Arthur was immediately sold, while I debated about it for about two minutes. I eventually came around and we couldn't stop talking about how excited we were to put it together the entire ride home. We first bought the less expensive cushion for it, but went back the next day to exchange it for the slightly more expensive, but far superior looking upgraded cushion. We both highly recommend the Poang rocker. It is quite comfortable, sits at a nice recline, and is a total steal at $110 (add $60 for the upgraded cushion). The cushion even has a removable cover for washing. Winning!

In other exciting news, I finally caved and gave Arthur the OK to take the BOB jogger out of its box. It's been sitting untouched in the corner of the nursery for a couple months now just because I wasn't ready to take that step. It felt presumptuous to open the stroller so soon in our pregnancy, even though I knew the baby was growing and well. It's out now and actually ended up being a fun step in beginning to visualize ourselves as parents. Endless fun family times to come.

We opted for the city version of the BOB, which basically just means smaller back wheels. I was questioning whether we got the right one and Arthur's response was that this is the Prius of BOBs, and exactly what we needed for our lifestyle. The reviews claim that the bigger wheels are better for jogging rougher terrain, but the CE is very comparable and much more sleek.

We have also picked out a paint color for the nursery. We are going with a warm soft gray, and for those of you who have ever tried to paint a wall gray, you can understand our pain in trying to find one that actually looks gray and not blue. We followed up our IKEA trip with a stop at Home Depot to get paint samples. I pulled every soft gray chip they had in the store and began sorting. It's soooo hard to determine color in the store, but I chose four that looked different enough to constitute paying for a $3 sample jar.

Once we got outside in the sunlight, I noticed that one looked overwhelmingly tan, and was kicking myself that I wasted a sample on that. Funny enough, that ended up being the perfect color! My mom is even going to paint some of her walls the same warm's that good. For those interested, the paint is Behr Ultra, and the color is called Wheat Bread. We plan on painting sometime in the next few weeks.

Bottom right corner

I am overall feeling pretty good. I'm really enjoying my new hairdo. It's much easier to manage and I'm not pulling my hair back in a ponytail everyday now. We started doula interviews this week. So far so good. The first one was a 10/10 and will be hard to beat. Also, LB is bouncing of the walls and always moving. I had one morning of pretty bad morning sickness (nausea), but nothing more than that. I'm feeling more physically tired as I get bigger, but not enough to stop me from doing much of anything. I was mentioning to a few people how crazy it is to be 19 weeks along. I feel like I'm officially playing in the major leagues now, so to speak. Something about 19 just seems so far along—almost halfway! AND WE FIND OUT THE GENDER IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!

Next post: It's a.........

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