Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pregnancy: Week 26

Holy crazy rib pain, Batman! There have literally been times this week that I felt like my ribs were going to explode open. Ouch! I'm hoping that like most other aches this too will pass soon. According to my yoga instructors, the pain is caused by everything being pushed up and smooshed—including my diaphragm, which I usually use to breathe—and this causes me to have to use my intercostal (rib) muscles instead, which aren't meant to be used for breathing. We've done some rib opening positions and breathing exercises in yoga, but so far it doesn't seem to help. In fact, after two classes in the last half week, it actually feels like I've been slugged in my rib cage. Maybe this is a good thing?

On that note, I am in L.O.V.E. with yoga. I am so thankful I finally got my booty to class because it's my new favorite time of the week. I've been trying to make it twice a week, but realistically once is more common. Either way, I've been consistently going for a handful of weeks now and am hooked.

I think my favorite thing about prenatal yoga is that there aren't huge expectations that any of us are going to perform perfectly. We all have big bellies or are fighting sickness and the instructors—all mamas themselves—get that. It's a really supportive place. It's also really calm, even when we're squatting a million times in a row. Class always starts with breathing meditation and clearing our minds so we can focus on our bodies and babies. It's such a retreat for my soul and a time to be present with God. I would go every day if I could.

Would you believe that my little buddy is almost two pounds, well over a foot long and getting plumper by the day? Blows my mind! Even more exciting is that we have less than 100 days until she's due to arrive. CAN'T WAIT. We haven't done much preparation for her arrival lately, but are just focusing on getting through the throes of a busy summer. Every weekend seems to be filled with baby showers (for other people) and weddings these days. I can't complain though. It's been a joy to be able to spend so much time with friends lately—many of which we don't see on a regular basis.

I mentioned that my ribs are doing something acrobatic. In tandem, my whole abdomen is swelling tighter and bigger by the day. If I ever had an idea of what pregnancy was going to be like, this beach-ball-strapped-to-my-belly feeling is it. Breathing is tougher, bending over is a chore, and don't even ask me to get out of bed to turn the lights off once I'm settled in.

We have my bed routine down to a science now and I couldn't imagine a night without my body pillow. Arthur likes to complain that it kicks him out of the bed, but the truth is that he uses it during the night too! I'll be happy when that thing can be tucked in the closet for awhile since it really does take up a lot of prime snuggle space. Mia, however, loves it and sleeps right between us.

In general, sleeping is becoming more of a pain as I constantly toss and turn all night long from side to side. Even though my yoga instructors have all debunked the idea that we aren't allowed to lay on our backs, I find that I get a headache pretty quickly if I lay flat too long. A girl can only lay on her hips for so long though. My favorite position right now is to lay on my side as close to on my stomach as possible with my leg out to the side. I just want to lay on my belly! Boo!

I've been starting to feel kicks at the top of my belly. However, I don't think LB has positioned herself head down yet since I more often feel kicks way down low. I'm curious to know what she's doing in there. I've read that she has a sense of up and down now and can open her eyes. Apparently if we shine a flashlight at my belly, she might respond to it due to her new sense of vision.

Eating for Two

I haven't mentioned my food preferences in awhile. While almost anything sounds fine to eat these days (keep those onions away from me), I have been craving a few things consistently. The first of those being spicy food! I have never, ever been a lover of the hot and spicy, but now I can't get enough. I still take things pretty mild, but when I have the option to add a squirt of Siracha, I never pass it up. I have read that babies pick up on the flavors their mothers eat during pregnancy, so hopefully this will prime her to be an adventurous eater. I have been trying to consciously eat flavorful foods with the hope that it will expand her palate.

On the flip side, she's certainly going to have a sweet tooth if my eating habits have anything to do with it. I try not to eat too many refined sugars, but most days will have a dessert...or two...and sometimes before dinner. I made a big batch of banana bites last week though which have been taming the sweet tooth pretty well. We don't keep many treats in our house, but it's more the weekly (or twice weekly) frozen yogurt trips that are dangerous. The funny thing is, I am hardly ever the one to instigate these trips. I promise I'm just an innocent victim being forced to eat the good stuff.

Now to just get through the week. Next weekend is packed full with a wedding and two baby showers, one of which I'm co-hosting. So excited!

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  1. Where did you get that turquoise shirt? It's so pretty!

    1. Target! And very recently, too, so I'm sure it's still there.


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