Friday, September 14, 2012

Nursery Snapshots: 34 Weeks

I'm full-force into baby preparation mode this week, so I figured I would skip our usual topic-based Friday post for a photo documentary of where we're at with the nursery and the like. Without further ado...

Fall sweaters and coats, bath and postpartum supplies, the adorable cool-mist humidifier and a pink Bumbo to top it off. We found this Ikea shelving on Craigslist for cheap cheap cheap. There are three of them and they fit perfectly sideways in the closet. Hooray for extra shelving.

Blankets, newborn and size 1 disposable diaps and wipes, a very cute Petunia Pickle Bottom Ergo, an extra pad for our Boon high chair, the Moby wrap, and FULL bookshelves!

Empty frames that need art and a car seat that needs installing (in the car). Trying out the BOB car seat adapter that our sweet friends from across the country sent. We can't wait to go for crisp fall walks with LB.

My nursery to-do (left) and packing (right) lists taped to the wall and slowly getting crossed off, line by line, with my trusty orange pen. Gold mirror needs hanging.

Curtains that need hemming and pillows that need covering. That floral fabric came from a friend who thought it could work well in the nursery—it totally does! It's just draped over the pillow form right now. I still need to find a fabric for the pillow behind it. We got this toy storage system from Ikea. It is part of their closet system line. Nearly empty toy bins...this girl needs some toys!

She might need toys, but books are plentiful. Maxed out book shelves (there are five of them on that wall). Book overflow is in one of the bins from the toy storage unit.

We ordered a mattress this week, which was a gift from Arthur's dad. I can't wait to nest the crib—wash the sheets, make the bed, etc. One more pillow that needs to be covered. We are also getting two shelves for the small wall to the right of the crib that we can put the monitor and a few cute knick knacks on. Birch tree mural getting painted next weekend.

Ready for a baby to try this guy out. The breathing pad requires a board for stabilization that sits under the mattress. On our to-do list to go to Home Depot and get something cut to size.

Swaddles that need washing and a pillow that needs covering. I want to find a small table or stool to put to the right of the rocker to set a drink on.

A drawer full of cloth diapers that need to be washed and prepped. I think I will stash some of the larger sized ones in the closet for now since they're packed really tight in there. All those colors make me happy.

Disposable diaps and wipes, cloth wipes, nipple cream and reusable nursing pads, pacis, and baby lotion. Need to add a jar of coconut oil and make cloth wipe solution (water and soap).

And, of course, a princess crown and sparkly shoes waiting to be tried on.

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  1. The baby's room already has a distinct feel to it - I love the way you've decorated!

    Reading your post was the first time I'd seen a breathing pad. Of course I looked into it, and I am now determined to get one before March, but can I ask - was there a specific reason you chose AngelCare over other brands?

    Thanks again for your posts! I've been reading back posts (I'm 15 weeks) and they have been so helpful and uplifting!

    1. Hi Brittany! I found out about the AngelCare system from another blogger's pregnancy series. I wasn't pregnant at the time but logged it in the back of my brain. So when it came time to pick a monitor out, I was familiar with the brand. It has great reviews on Amazon (my go-to for comparing baby gear), and the peace of mind I figured it would bring seemed worth the price. They have lesser models without the video too, I think. I'm glad you're enjoying our posts!


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