Monday, October 15, 2012

Still "Laboring"....

Hopefully you all found our Twitter where we're updating in between posts. Honestly, there's not much new here, but I figured it's still worth an update.

Our last post left off on Friday, the day after we went into the hospital and found out I'm 2cm dilated and 60% effaced. We both figured we had it in the bag. Labor would probably happen that day and the rest would be history. So, so wrong.

We waited and waited. Arthur even worked from home that day. I cooked and napped to keep myself busy yet rested. But nothing happened. So we ate a hearty dinner, watched a movie, and went to bed thinking the darkness of the night was sure to bring active labor on. I was still having very mild contractions, but most of them were hardly noticeable.

Saturday morning we woke up to nothing more than rainy skies and a baby still happily wiggling in my belly. Contractions continued, but still at such a mild intensity. I spent the day doing countless hip swirls on the labor ball and cooking some more. We even had afternoon visitors. But cabin fever was setting in. Arthur was feeling totally cooped up by that evening, which wasn't helping the cause and beginning to make me agitated.

Cup 3,000 of red raspberry leaf tea and some labor-inducing pineapple.

Thankfully, it was at the peak of this anxiety Saturday night that the Lord began to reveal to me what a blessing this time actually was though. So I told Arthur we needed to take a step back and we prayed together. We thanked God for this quiet time before the baby arrives. We thanked Him for these precious final days of it being just us and getting to spend those together. But mostly, we prayed for His will to be done, and that he would align our hearts with his plans for this baby. We went to bed that night a little calmer and with hearts fixed on the Lord.

Sunday morning. Mia is crawling all over us meowing and ready for breakfast, Arthur isn't waking up to do anything about it, and I'm not in active labor yet. I lose it. Why is nothing happening?! Why am I having regular contractions but nothing is progressing? No bloody show and contractions are still as mild as they could be. COME ON. It's time to meet this baby and get this show on the road. I make a batch of pumpkin oats completely deflated and angry at everything.

After some crying and angry words, Arthur and I worked through my emotions enough to park on the couch and watch a sermon online in lieu of going to church. We prayed and prayed, but my heart was still broken and grumpy. So I tried for my afternoon nap, but couldn't settle down. I got up and watched Arthur make cookies and watch football, while I worked on a batch of freezer burritos. He tried so hard to keep it light-hearted, which eventually helped me loosen up a little.

How about them Seahawks?! We also watched that guy jump from space live on the Discovery channel. It gave me such anxiety! Anyone else see that?

We decided we needed to get out, so we made plans to grab some pho for dinner and head to Target and Marshall's. On our way, we swung by the cute little green house that's for sale with the big lovely tree in the front yard that Arthur has been obsessing over. We aren't all that close to buying, but he gets so into it you'd never know. He was right though, it really was awfully perfect.

At Target, we took our time wandering around looking at everything from baby clothes to dog halloween costumes. We picked out a couple toys for LB, since she doesn't have any and got a few odds and ends. Our pho place was packed with people escaping the rain for a hot bowl of soup. We even ran into our neighbors. But really, it was just helpful being around humans again. This ended up being exactly what we needed.

We made it home, hours later, refreshed and ready for whatever the night had for us. I finished up my freezer burritos and then we turned on this fabulous documentary about a famous sushi maker in Japan (instant watch on Netflix!). During the movie I started having some stronger contractions—probably the most intense, but still not painful, ones I've had yet. So we tidied up the house, made sure the bags were ready to go and wishfully headed to bed.

But here I am on the morning of day five, still in early labor. The slightly more intense contractions of last night are thankfully sticking around, but otherwise nothing new. Arthur wasn't up for another day at home, so he took the car and headed into work. I'm thinking I'll start some applesauce on the stove and maybe a sewing project. I also think I might also try going for a low-key walk. If I wasn't in early labor, I would totally be out and about jumping around, but we know active labor is "about to happen" and I need to have energy reserves for when it does decide to make itself known. I called my chiropractor begging for an open massage appointment today, but couldn't get on the books until Wednesday. My theory is that the massage from last week is what got things moving. Here's hoping this baby comes before my 2pm appointment on Wednesday!

Overall I'm feeling fine. I don't want to fool you into thinking these contractions are painful, because they really aren't. It's just a tightening sensation that happens every few minutes, which more often than not I don't even feel.  The hardest part is waiting knowing that I'm in labor but nothing is really progressing. Obviously there is no reason to induce yet since I have weeks until I'm 42 weeks (the max they'll let us go) and my water hasn't broken, but I will probably check in with the midwives today to see when they will want to see me next. I'm assuming I'll be told that as long as the baby is moving a few times an hour everything is fine, but I would imagine at some point they will want to monitor the baby to check her heart rate. Maybe? We'll keep you posted.

For now, here are some stats for the week:

Trips to the hospital: 1
Food cooked and frozen: Spaghetti sauce, lasagna, lentil soup, cookies, and freezer burritos.
Movies watched: 2 (The Five Year Engagement and Jiro Dreams of Sushi—both excellent!)
Hip rotations on the labor ball: At least a million
Naps taken: 2
Days in labor: 4, going on 5
Days until original due date: 9

PRAYING that the next update is a baby announcement!

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  1. Still hoping and praying for you! That must be so frustrating knowing you're so close but nothing is happening.


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